ABOUT- Matt Shumaker


I have been fascinated by expressions of emotion since I was a boy. My first drawings were of the emotional response to everyday stimulus on the faces of humans and animals alike. I have struggled with the tension between subject matter and the creation of art. Many times, I have found that tension to be stronger than my will to create. Artistically speaking, my breakthrough moment came when I took a discarded piece of black carbon paper I found in a trash can and a small bottle of white-out and painted an impressionistic representation of a surfer and surfboard on the beach. I have found that creation in the moment, without over-thought, is most effective for me. Magic happens when I paint a face. I don’t intend to create specific expressions, I am just as surprised as the viewer when I first look upon a finished work. I don’t have a plan, only a process.


matt's work is shown in galleries in hawaii, colorado & california. 


Matt was born in Long Beach, California in 1977. He received a BFA from the California Baptist University College of Architecture, Visual Arts, and Design in 1999. He went on to earn his MBA in Marketing and Management and has worked as an art director and communication consultant as well as create beautiful paintings. Shumaker has exhibited at Chase & Hanes Gallery in Hawaii, 1821 Gallery and Studios in the Central Valley of California, Gallery Elite in Carmel California and numerous private galleries, studios and corporate offices. Mediums currently utilized are eclectic. Oil painting, Acrylic and more recently, materials such as beeswax and reclaimed woods. Matt has worked in Hollywood as an independent filmmaker and producer, a film and video editor in Colorado Springs and is the Creative Arts Director at Yosemite Church in the Central Valley of California.