My Coffee Died

20140518-100816-36496929.jpg I'm in mourning... my to-go coffee mug broke.

I know, it's big problem.

I put my freshly ground, free-trade, organic coffee from some South American rain forest with my organic, sustainably-grown coconut milk creamer in my vanity Starbucks to-go coffee mug this morning.

I'm playing single dad this weekend and I had all three kiddos dressed, diapered, fed, wiped, brushed and combed. I was even on time to church- I had several minutes to get the kids into their respective kids clubs so that I could get to the production room to oversee the beginning of our first service. I was feeling pretty good. I can do this. I'm awesome. I am probably the greatest dad ever. I, I, I...

We pulled into a parking spot and unloaded. I handed the diaper bag to Cavin and he stood there waiting patiently. I slung on my backpack and grabbed Bria's hand to prevent her inevitable run into the parking lot and I asked Cami to hold Bria's hand after I handed my coffee mug to her to hold.

That was when it happened.

Cami tried to hold Bria's hand and Bria was not interested. Cami continued to reach for Bria's hand and Bria continued to resist. emotions elevated, tempers flared and the yelling began. Then, Cami's grip on the coffee mug loosened and fell to the asphalt- breaking open and spilling approximately $3.10 of coffee and coconut milk on the ground. It would have cost me $1.89 at Starbucks.

And I heard God chuckle.